Welcome to Cinnamonskyes.com!

This site has been a longtime dream of mine and it’s finally happening. This year is sure to be an interesting one. I’ll be blogging topically on Mondays and then putting up short articles related to that theme, one’s that I’ve tried or that look  like something I’d love to do. Here’s a shortlist of some of the topics I’d like to share:

– My life is very simple. I’ve never felt the need for millions of dollars or huge houses or expensive cars. What I’ve always appreciated in life is calm, kindness and the curiosity to learn everything. My mind rushes from one topic to another so I can be designing an embroidery project one moment and then watching videos about how energy is stored in batteries or how to grow succulents in the very next.  I am always learning. My life seems to flow with the seasons as it’s focal point, so I’ll be blogging in real time.

-I’m an avid book reader and love to talk about characters, quotes and fascinating plot lines. There are so many great books out there! If a writer has a well written character, not always the nice or heroic, but a character with depth and honesty I’m hooked. I love puzzling over each decision they make and look forward to a plot that has redemption as its resolution. There is nothing more relaxing than a good book!

-Kindness. How can you be a kinder person? This is something that I am consistently asking myself and something I seek to be daily. Whether it’s just listening to a friend or helping a stranger or seeking a kinder world, I’m an avid believer in the truth that a lot of things in life can be handled so much better with just the addition of kindness. Allow people to be who they are. Kindness. It will ALWAYS be the best choice.

-Learning new crafting skills and refreshing the ones that I’ve tried before keeps my mind filled with ideas. This year I’ll be working on actually putting those thoughts into action and having my very own hands-on version. My life is seasonally focused so I am going with that structure for my crafts. I’d like to “creatively express” my life so to speak. Beginning in February 2018, this section will contain videos (a new skill for me!) showing me prepping for upcoming holidays (the month before).

-Writing. This is where the rubber meets the road for me. I have been writing since I was a child. It’s always been my truest version of expression. So this blog will hold me accountable. Each week beginning in March 2018 I’ll be working on a children’s book series I’ve entitled “The Knoll”. I’m already in love with each and every character, so I hope that you’ll find some pleasure in these simple, heartfelt stories of kindness.




I am hoping you’ll enjoy this journey as much as I have and will. Everything begins with baby steps, so please excuse my wobbles as this blog gets going.

So jump on … and let’s have some fun!